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Welcome to Nova Home Care, LLC

Would you rather stay at home than go into a health care facility or nursing home?

A lot of families in America face the same challenge that you’re going through. You feel that you’re caught in the middle of making a critical decision, whether it’s for your own health or that of someone you love. As much as possible, we want to keep your family members close. If staying at home is an option, it is definitely the choice you will make. With Nova Home Care, you can!

Nova Home Care, LLC is a distinguished provider of nursing care, rehabilitative therapy and personal care in Michigan. Our service areas cover the counties of:





We provide home health care which is a way for injured, disabled and/or elderly individuals to access the basic essentials of home living and maintaining a quality life right where they live. It is our belief that staying at home despite health challenges is given more preference because of convenience and affordability. Home health care is widely known to be the less costly alternative to long-term hospitalization or admission in a nursing home.

With home health care, you or your family member can be provided with structured health services that are prescribed by your physician. These care procedures and health services can be administered in the comforts of home – so you don’t have to travel far or even walk past your doorstep. Everything that you need to maintain quality living is brought straight to where you live from the fundamentals of personal care, nursing care all the way to complex rehabilitative therapy. We also provide support and administrative assistance to family members through medical social services.

Nova Home Care, LLC will provide evidence-based comprehensive care. We create a customized plan of care for each of our patients. If you or your family member would like to have an evaluation with our registered nurse or care coordinator or physical therapist, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 248-549-9800. You can also Schedule an Assessment online.


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